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Loyalty and Referral Program

How it works...

Earn points toward in-office products and services with the Ezer Body Essentials loyalty program.

For every pre-tax dollar spent in-office on products, services, and gift certificates you receive 10 points. For example, when you spend $100 you earn 1,000 points. 

Earn points for referrals. When your referral signs up for our loyalty program and makes an in-office purchase, you earn the same points as your referral's initial purchase. If you refer a friend and they join the loyalty program and spend $120 in-office they will earn 1,200 points for their visit and you also earn 1,200 points for the referral.

Points can be spent during your next visit, after being awarded. Spend 1,000 points to receive $10.00 toward any product or service, or save up to receive a full product or service.

Points expire after 12 months of inactivity. Make an in-office purchase within 12 months to keep your points active.

You may transfer your current points balance to another active member. Only a transfer of your full points balance is allowed. You may also request your points be converted to a gift certificate and donated to a charity, ask your Ezer Body Essentials representative for details.

You cannot accrue points from online product purchases, prepaid services are valid for points.

How to Earn...

  • Earn 10 points for every $1.00 spent in-office on products, spa services, and gift certificates.

    • You also earn 10 points for every $1.00 in tips.

    • Excludes deep inner healing sessions.

  • Earn points for referrals.

    • You earn the same points as your referral’s initial in-office purchase.

    • Referrals must provide your name and e-mail address by the time of their initial office visit to ensure proper awards.

  • Earn points for package purchases.

  • Paying for services online will earn points, however, online product purchases do not earn points.

  • Points are typically awarded within 2 business days of your in-office visit.

  • Sign up for promotions to earn bonus points and to learn about events.

How to Redeem...

  • Points cannot be redeemed online.

  • Redeem a minimum of 100 points.

    • 100 points can be used for $1.00 toward any in-office product or service.

  • You must indicate at the time of booking that you wish to use your points on services.

    • Points can be redeemed for products during any in-office visit once awarded.

  • You can buy gift certificates with points.

How to Sign Up...

Sign up when you come in for a service or product purchase and check the YES box on your intake form to join.


  • You do not earn points for redeeming a gift certificate.

  • Online product purchases do not earn points.

  • Refunded and canceled services forfeit all applicable points.

Loyalty and Referral Program: Welcome
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