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Linda Rowell, LMT, LA

I have been a licensed massage therapist for more than 23 years and a licensed aesthetician for over 21 years. I have been certified in Deep Inner Healing since 2018.

Health and wellness have long been a major part of my life. When I was young I was under a lot of stress and this stress made me sick. By age 13 I had blood in my stool with constant abdominal pain. For several years various doctors told me I had Crohn's Disease and I was given many treatments that did nothing for me. By age 19 I was unable to control my bowels and bled continuously.

Finally, after a long period of being poked, prodded, and filled with some of the most vile liquids ever consumed by a human in the name of “testing,” I was brought to the mayo clinic where I was told that my previous diagnosis was wrong and I was instead diagnosed with a mild condition of ulcerative colitis. The only treatment they offered me was surgery where they would remove my entire colon including my large intestine, they would give me a colostomy bag for 6 months and then make my small intestine function as both my small and large intestine/colon.

I knew this was wrong and I refused to go through with it. I can’t tell you how I knew but I just knew surgery wasn’t the way, especially after being told my condition was mild. Of course, today I can tell you it was all God. I had gotten saved (accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior) at 15, so I knew at that time that since Jesus was healing then, and since He’s still alive, He’s healing today; But connecting the two didn’t happen until much later. So, rather than going through with the surgery, I decided to just live my best life. This meant living with this condition and trying not to let it control my life, even though it was very painful and I was in the bathroom around 30 times a day.

After making the decision not to go through with the surgery I heard other people’s stories of having had similar surgeries where the doctors removed parts of their colon, but the issue simply came back in other parts of the colon. I knew that the decision I made was the right decision for me.

During this time I was also going to school. In addition to being under a lot of stress growing up, I was also sheltered and didn’t really know what my options were. I was attending community college to learn about computers but working with computers was not my choice. I did well in school because I have always been focused and disciplined when it comes to learning and I graduated with an Associates degree in Computer Maintenance and Electronics, but I knew it wasn’t right for me and I have never used my degree and frankly didn’t intend to work with computers.

A few months after the diagnosis from the Mayo clinic I started working for a chiropractor. One of the perks of working for a chiropractor was that I started getting regular chiropractic adjustments. From the point I started receiving adjustments within 15 days my bleeding stopped completely. After being sick for so long and being told to have surgery, I knew instantly there was something to that but I didn’t fully understand yet. I continued under my Chiropractor’s care and he helped me change my diet by removing red meat for a year, adding probiotics 3x/day which then improved my overall health and wellness. Gradually I started feeling normal, and eventually, I knew I was healed. I thank God every day for my healing and for leading me in the right direction.

The chiropractic office had a massage therapist and I loved watching how relaxed and grateful her clients were after a massage. I had never even had a massage before, but I just knew that I wanted to be a massage therapist. I can’t even explain it, I was just drawn to it. I didn’t know she went to school for it, or even that there was a massage school; like I said, I was quite sheltered. So, one day I asked her how she came to be a massage therapist and she told me she went to school for it. I asked all about it and she told me about the school and everything involved. I was intrigued, excited even; I knew instantly I had to go there and become a massage therapist, so I did, I signed up the next day.

Health and wellness is very important, so important. And not just for those who are sick but for everyone. You need to know how much water your body needs, the type of food you should eat, and how to avoid stress, navigate it or seek relief when it comes, and generally take care of your body, mind, and soul. Eventually, my passion led me to Aesthetics and I expanded into waxing and skincare, which was a great compliment to my business.

I finally found what I wanted to do, and no one made the decision for me. I worked hard for many years, and after lots of hard work, I eventually had a successful spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. Years later, when my husband and I got married, we got pregnant right away and after our first daughter was born, God told me it was time to close the business and be a mom. This was hard for me, as I had to part from 8 years of dedication but in the end I knew my daughter needed me, so I closed the business to be a stay at home mom. I kept up with my continuing education, practice, and licenses because I knew one day I would start my spa again. Much later I learned about Deep Inner Healing and its freeing effect on your whole being. I initially started the course to just learn but after going through the program I realized how much people need this, and how passionate I am about it. So, I committed to bringing this to as many people as I can. That brings us to today and to Ezer Body Essentials.

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